OSD2u | What is A One Stop Network Solutions Centre?
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What is A One Stop Network Solutions Centre?

By being a One Stop Network Solution Centre, we cater to a wide variety of networking solution needs that our clients requests for. Gone are the day where you have to source from different companies to sort out your networking problems. Today, we are here and we are your total solution provider.

Network Solution Provider

We all understand that technology moves fast. At Office Supplies Depot, we focus on helping your business stay up to date with the latest IT solutions. Our speciality lies in our ability to design, implement and manage technology, communication and security solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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Network Maintainence 2
Radiation Reducer

Radiation Reduction Specialist

Partnering with SAVR, our company aims to help maintain your health as well as your employees health by reducing radiation created from communication technology. SAVR Radiation Reducer basically scans and detects EMR waves and it generates reverse signals to neutralize and reduce low, intermediate & high-frequency electro-magnetic radiation emitted by computer and other surrounding devices

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PBAX Phone System

Private Automatic Branch Exchange or in short PBAX is a telephone system within an enterprise that switches calls between enterprise users on local lines while allowing all users to share a certain number of external phone lines. In simple, we aim to ease communication and save cost, at the same time.

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High Volume Document Scanning Service

We know how frustrating it is to scan documents one by one, especially if you have 3000 different copies of those waiting in line. Worry not, let us do the job for you. From scanning to digitizing to documenting, we get it done for you! Imagine the time and money that you can save!

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Office Automation Products

Office Automation Products helps you automate minute tasks in office and gets them completed within the fraction of a time and resources. The simple aim to help you get things done and get it done fast. Many have adopted office automation products and can almost swear by it’s efficiency.

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Picture 9 OSD (Office Automation)

Point of Sales (POS) Hardware & Accessories

From office to retail, we cover all your needs for your business. Enhance your business productivity by adopting POS system for your monetary transaction. Proper tracking provides proper money management and it’s a well proven fact.

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Paper Products (Blank & Printing)

Look more professional with your very own printed computer paper or perhaps a set of printed receipt paper. If you are looking any paper products, look no further because we have it right here at Office Supplies Depot for you.

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Special Printing Products

Did you know that if you need to get your ticket printed or a member card made, we will get that covered as well? You didn’t? Now you do. From buntings to posters to flyers, we will get that covered for you as well!

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