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I'm Khednniey Yew. I consult, Design & Install the best suit Smart Ai Security solution for Business & Home Owner.


In 2008, set up Office Supplies Depot S/B (OSD). As the name suggests, we specialize in providing

a) security solutions that comprise Smart Home with Ai CCTV security system, security alarm system and door access control system

b) WiFi network solutions that cover WiFi coverage, connection and wireless hotspot solutions, network maintenance and troubleshooting, design and installation of structured data cable, cable management works, and IP communication solutions. Depending on real-world needs and limitations, unique combinations of each system and its functionalities can be customized.

OSD offers a range of products from the most general security need to advanced intelligent functions. Over the past decade, OSD has installed over 1600 sets of WiFi, cctv and alarm security systems, and our support team always responds within 24 hours to any problem encountered with the systems. Khednniey strongly believes in building long-standing relationships with his clients and hence adheres to the principle of giving not just a service but rather service with value.

Awards: Certified Network Designer by Engenius & Dintek; Intel Retail Specialist by Intel (M); Nanyang Outstanding Young Entrepreneur Award 2021

Our company has so far garnered more than 100,000 followers on TikTok and is one of the influencers for Network & Security. We has gradually grown to be the BEST Smart Ai CCTV & security alarm with WiFi Design company in Malaysia.

NanYang Business Award 2021 南洋企业风云奖·卓越青年企业家奖

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