About Our CSR Activities

Building a better society through corporate social responsibility

Creating Value Through Social Responsibility

We are putting people, technology, and resources to work in the service of an inclusive future where technology gives everyone the tools to thrive. In the future, we will contribute more help and value to our society.

OSD Social R Project - SJK (C) Shing Chung

It’s our responsible to make sure the safety of the school is being monitor & record. – OSD Social R

OSD Social R Project - SJK(C) Guntong

OSD proud to sponsor SJK(C) Guntong 16 unit IP camera & NVR to enhance the school security

OSD Social R Project - SJK (C) Min Sin

OSD are proud to help SJK (C) Min Sin, Ipoh to install & ready for school reopen.

OSD Social R Project - Tung Lien Onn Lock Yuen

OSD is proud to sponsor Tung Lien Onn Lock Yuen, Ipoh to enhance the security system and cctv

we love to serve our Society

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