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osd Access control system

osd security alarm system.


We Care About your Security as Much as You Do


Same-day or next-day service We don’t want you waiting for service. So if you need something, you’ll get either same-day or next-day service, from a highly trained security expert.


Each solution is specifically designed to meet the customer’s individual requirements and shaping the future for Internet of Things for them

make your home innovative

make your home innovative

Access your home easily and in one step: just press your finger on your digital lock sensor. Full auto, full smart life We offer a complimentary assessment and free visit by our personal trainer upon joining. Our certified and skilled personal trainers can provide you with the best advice.

OSD Access Control

Barrier Gate


barrier gate system.

  • No need to fully stop vehicle to flash card
  • No more getting hand wet to flash card during rainy days
  • No need to wind down windows to flash card which can expose to robbery threat
  • Reduce traffic congestion during peak hour
  • Able to achieve claimed long range distance even when vehicle is installed with premium solar film such as Vkool, 3M & many more
  • All entry and exit picture is recorded in software for visual evidence in the event of crime
  • • Makes your security guard work harder instead of sleeping in guard house

1st level Security System

Barrier Gate is a low-cost way to improve security and privacy, monitor and control the flow of traffic in and out of your property.

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